Sounds from Claudio Baglioni

In Italy, there are many famous musicians. One of them is Claudio Baglioni. He is very popular in pop music especially in Italy. Many Italians love his own composed songs especially love songs. His music is an inspiration from the music and culture of Italy. Most singers before they became famous in the world of music, joined different music competitions. It is the same with Claudio Baglioni.

What are his famous song compositions? By listening to his songs especially love songs, you can feel sincere love and care. Since the lyrics is in Italian language, we cannot really understand what it means. However, through the melody of the song and the emotion that you can feel through the voice of the singer, you can already understand it.

Some of the songs that will truly touch your heart are: Mille Giorni Di Te E Di Me (A thousand days of you and me), Amore Bello (Beautiful love), Questo Piccolo Grande Amore (This little big love), and Con Tutto E’Amore Che Posso (With all I can). These love songs contain meaningful lyrics.

Also, one of his famous and touching song is Ti Amo Ancora (I still love you). This love song is about two lovers who deeply loved each other but they came to separate in the end. It’s truly a sad but meaningful song. It shows the love of a man for the woman of his life and his sacrifice for her. The lyrics is very meaningful and you can feel the heart of the singer and composer.