Who is Claudio Baglioni?

Claudio Baglioni is one of the most famous singer in Italy who devoted his entire life in his career. He began his music career at age 15. His music career was inspired by an American poet, Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, Annabel Lee, became the inspiration of the youth’s passion to compose a music related to this poem and there he became famous to theatre and music program.

Italian pop music was very famous in those days so by the time he started his career in 1965, he came to the world of pop music even becoming one of the greatest singers in the country. From 1970-2016, he published 35 albums that he had published all his way to his success. His first album Claudio Baglioni as the beginning did not reach a top rank. However, after several years, some of his albums became so famous having thousands of sales.

The album  La vita è adesso is has the highest sale reaching 1, 200, 000 and this is one of the most amazing history in his life. Most of his songs are love songs and that some are attributed to his wife. He had already traveled all over the world. When listening to his music, we can understand really feel him singing from his heart and that he is full of expression. Even in his old age today, he still makes sure that his young voice be heard. Among his 35 albums, most of them are salable and that they became classical love song songs for us. He will not disappear from Italian’s mind and music history.