The Effects of Music on Your Chosen Menu

Have you ever compared the times when you eat while listening to music and when you eat without music? There is actually a big difference! Every music genre has a different effect on your chosen menu. Can you believe it? If not, then try it. For example, if your chosen menu is Indian, it is better to listen to rock music. Why? This is because Indie rock influences the spiciness of the Indian food. According to the survey, listening to rock music while eating Indian food has an effect of making it more spicy than before.

What if you eat Chinese food? What music is best to listen to? Most of Chinese Foods are sweet and sour. It is everybody’s favorite. Through the result of a survey, listening to rock music overpowers our ability to taste sweet foods. But, listening to simple melodies of pop music makes the sweet taste better. In addition to this, listening to songs with a fast tempo and a higher pitch will make you taste a sour food even more sour.

If you choose to eat Italian food, classical music is a perfect match. You will taste the Italian food better when you listen to this music genre. Italian pizza and pasta will taste more delicious by listening to opera songs and classical songs. If you want to eat Thai foods or Japanese foods, then jazz music is perfect for that meal. While listening to jazz music, you will even more enjoy these foods. Like this, music has a great effect on our eating habits.